It was a wet, inclement day,
the clouds hung oppressively low,
as we travelled through the haze,
driving to our destination,
before the rains overtook us.

On a lonely, least-frequented
stretch of mountain road,
flanked on either side
by leafy-green woods,
the devastating storm
struck with a vengeance.

The dark, dreary forest
disappeared in front of us,
in a great, torrential deluge,
as cascades of water
effectively shut us in,
halting our journey
before it even began.

What happened next
was nothing short of a miracle.
A thin, luminescent radiance
like a spray of golden dust,
spread out from the silvery clouds,
catching the tops of the trees,
reflecting a rainbow light,
as the sun flashed on
little drops of water.

Every blade of grass
was glassy and crystalline,
as a brilliant rainbow
arched across the sky,
casting an iridescent glow,
creating a lighted moment,
where heart speaks to heart
in the language of love.

The beauty of nature
is reflected in the human heart,
where souls yearn for the beautiful,
God’s gift to all like.



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