We and our world
are part of each other.
We and all of life
are united to one another,
in a bond of love and understanding
beyond compare.

A sense of awe and mystery
fills us with amazement,
as we become keenly aware
of every living thing –
every leaf and flower,
every cloud and bird.

We see as we never saw before,
We glimpse the essence of things,
the secret of life, where all veils
have been pulled aside.

We see the unity of all things,
the kinship we have with one another,
a bond with the universal life around us.

Life is whole, and
we are free to be ourselves.
We know who we are,
and who we are meant to be.
This is our true self,
and we have found it.

We view life with
a child’s spontaneity,
the wonder of discovery.
We feel newly created, so full of joy,
that we cannot rein it in.

We break out of the prison of self,
and joy floods our hearts,
a fusion with nature,
a bond of love and creativeness,
insight and discovery.

Joy comes to us when
we lose ourselves in service,
in the pursuit of a great dream,
when we do not run from life,
or from its devastating sorrows,
incessant struggles and pain.

Joy fills us anew
when we realise that
there is more to life
than we can fathom,
a world greater than our own.

We live in a universe
far more personal,
human and tender
than we ourselves are.

We see the luminous beauty,
hidden at the centre of life.
An unquenchable light
shines to beckon us
to partake in its joy.
This is true, joy-filled life,
the sheer beauty of it.



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