My eyes flutter open
in the predawn hours,
My face feels the refreshing
coolness of the early-morning air.
I catch my breath as I eagerly
gaze out of the open window.
I can see the picturesque lake
across which a sliver of the most
brilliant and eye-catching red
crests the top of the dark forest.
Serene hues of hazy, dream-like lavender,
pretty shades of rose-pink, orange and amber
begin to appear in the soft blue sky,
where a twinkling star sparkles
in almost solitary splendour.
Silver mist rises gently from
the quiet waters of the lake,
All is calm and still.

Suddenly, the rays of a
brilliant sun bursts forth
in ever-glowing radiance
through the silent forest.
The earth begins to awaken
from its peaceful slumber,
as a new morn is born.
A blue heron swiftly rises from
the other end of the lake,
flapping its wings, as it gently
fans its way over the water,
winging its way to distant lands.
The lake awakens at
the melodic call of a loon
to herald the new day.
The soft hues of dawn
turn bright with the
beautiful advent of the day,
as the rich colours of sunrise
soar majestically into the sky.
Swirls of pearl mist rise
gracefully over the lake,
crowning the sunrise
amphitheatre in radiant glory.



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