A Golden Light

I step out into
the beautiful garden,
made aware of a
sense of solitude,
as the blackness of night
engulfs me in its hold.
Sheer instinct propels me
along the garden path,
as I’m piloted by
the vivid memory
of a thousand trips,
skipping lightly along
the flagstone steps,
past the giant old pine,
deep into the heart of
the picturesque garden,
the flowers dancing all day
to the wind’s compelling tunes.

As I gaze backwards,
the lights of the house
beckon me invitingly.
Fragments of amber light,
illuminated in the darkness
make everything appear
warmer, richer, friendlier,
glowing with a radiance
that transforms the garden
into a most treasured spot,
timeless moments imbued
with vibrancy and charm,
inspiring warm feelings
of love and peace
within my heart.
As I leave the garden,
I am aware of the
lingering fragrance
of the pretty flowers,
dancing in the wind,
in the warm richness
of a deep golden light.

© Miriam Jacob


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