HEART OF MERCY – Sharlene Maclaren

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“Heart of Mercy” is the first book
of the Tennessee Dreams Series,
set in the 1890s in Paris, Tennessee.
  • Publisher: Whitaker House
  • Publication date: 11/25/2013

    HEART OF MERCY by Sharlene Maclaren

A judge decrees that two orphaned boys should be adopted only by a married couple. The peculiar irony of fate is that the best woman to care for them is not married. It is essential that she must marry fast for the sake of the two young boys, but to whom? And in an extraordinary twist of fate, how can she marry the man whose dad was solely responsible for the death of her own father?

Sharlene MacLaren is a powerful mastermind at telling a poignant tale of two very humane, flawed and scarred people, deeply wounded at heart and torn in emotions, desperately struggling to hold onto the only love they know, in a heart-tugging marriage of convenience. With a bitter feud raging between two families at loggerheads with each other for generations, the blazing sparks fly thick and fast.

Sharlene Maclaren’s “Heart of Mercy” is one of the best inspirational historical novels, crafted with a unique blend of romance laced with intrigue, in a passionate story of faith and forgiveness. God gifted Sharlene Maclaren with a passion to write for His honor and glory. She prays to God to renew her spirit daily and weave her inspiring Christian faith into her novels to carry a passionate story of God’s divine love, forgiveness and eternal hope.

Sharlene was deeply humbled by a young girl on an urgent search for God, terrified she would die before finding Him, and with no idea on how to go about it. When she read Sharlene’s novel in which a person received Christ, she prayed the same prayer he prayed. Sharlene was overjoyed to know the role she played in her salvation story. It reaffirmed to her the importance of faith-based fiction and what an amazing impact it has upon the hearts of people. Glory to God!

© Miriam Jacob


Regulations Compliance Disclosure of Material Connection: To comply with regulations by the Federal Trade Commission, I would like to mention as part of every web or retail site review that WHITAKER HOUSE has provided me with a complimentary electronic copy of this book.


1 thought on “HEART OF MERCY – Sharlene Maclaren”

  1. Heart of Mercy by Sharlene MacLaren sounds like a really good read. Miriam Jacob, you give us an exciting introduction, as well as parts of the book that pique our interest. It’s a novel that one would want to start reading the moment he/she got it. Thanks for the great description of what will be the setting the tone for this book to move in either directions.

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