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Come into the Holy of Holies to taste the purity of God’s love. Intimacy conceives love in the heart to birth a miracle of faith. God desires us to know Him intimately, to be one with Him wholeheartedly, to light a fire in our hearts, spark an unquenchable hunger and insatiable thirst for intimacy with our Lord, our heavenly husband, lover of our souls.

When I accepted Jesus as my Savior, the ordinary became extraordinary. My God-given talents blossomed into “a thing of beauty, a joy forever”. I am transformed into a scribe for the King of Kings. He draws me to himself, speaks to me from His heart about the living Word; He walks with me in my new life in Christ. He leads me to wells of living water.

God gives me His love so beautifully that it thrills my soul. I am in love with the living Word, Jesus. I see the Word as love in action. I accept his Word in spirit and in truth. I am lifted up on wings of love to oneness with my Lord. I am the bride in the Song of Solomon. He comes to me at midnight. He calls me to Himself. He whispers words of love to me. I am in tune with him. He hugs me in his arms and sings over me. I am so enraptured by his love for me. I am awestruck at His beauty. These are my love letters to Jesus. Jesus is our spiritual husband and our desire is toward Him. God lavishes His love on us as a Bridegroom for his bride. He wants us to love him with perfect abandon. He is the God of Love.

Review by Miriam Jacob


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