If God is So Good, Why Do I Hurt So Bad? by David Biebel


This empathetic book deals with excruciating pain, staggering grief and unbearable loss. With a rare sensitivity, intuition and perceptive understanding, culled in the crucible of suffering, David Biebel offers us fresh hope and insight to look to Jesus, our Comforter. When mind-boggling pain clouds our clear-sighted vision, heart-wringing sorrow plunges us into devastating despair and casts our minds into an emotional tailspin, how can we possibly see “what’s so good about God in the midst of suffering”? Called to comfort others with the comfort God comforts us with, in a passionate reconciliation of God’s grace in affliction, we prove the paradox of peace and pain united. For grieving people, only those who have grieved can comfort their broken hearts. They have the gift to touch the heart of pain gently. David Biebel honestly reveals the baffling questions in his own heart and soul as he shares from the depths of his grief, anger and bouts of wrestling with God. He helps to deliver people from guilt as they learn to deal with problems that threaten to overpower them. God meets them at the point of their greatest need, as they struggle to drink the last overwhelming dregs of sorrow, grief and pain. “If God is so good, why do I hurt so bad?” And God provides His comforting answer: “I will heal you, my beloved child.”

Miriam Jacob


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