“Whispers in the Branches” by Brandy Heineman is a well-crafted Christian novel, set in a dual time frame, full of dramatic characters and exciting twists and turns to catch at our heartstrings. As Abby Wells explores hidden mysteries in her family tree, the past unites with the present to give surprising answers and lasting treasures to enjoy.

This poignant, fast-paced novel is laced with geneology and lavishly sprinkled with God’s grace, mercy and love. Heartbroken and grief-stricken, with a deep void in her heart aching to be filled, Abby Wells leaves Ohio to look for hidden family secrets in an ancestral house in Georgia.

Caught in the bitter throes of incessant grief, grappling with the mysterious, secretive truth of her family’s past, Abby encounters a smart, feisty great aunt who conceals family secrets under wraps, a handsome caretaker who calms her pain and the unseen but not unfelt, ever-present reality of God.

With her mom gone, Abby passionately yearns to reconnect with her family roots, totally unable to deny and helpless to resist the haunting pull of the ancestral home. Are ghosts real? Abby must find out by trying to reveal secrets kept hidden for seventy years.

There is yet another thing for her to deal with. Abby’s ex-boyfriend who cannot forget the past, hounds her remorselessly about his religion but Abby sees no logical reason to reach out to him in reconciliation.

In the silent stillness of the haunted house, the surreal spirit world is so tantalizingly close that she can almost touch it. But Abby discovers that there are other ways to be haunted.

“The heart has its own reasons of which reason cannot know.”

A Southern mystery, this redemptive tale brings us to the heart of what really matters. God waits for us in the light of eternity in this inspiring, thought-provoking book.

Miriam Jacob


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