Are you a dormant bulb or a radiant blossom? Do you feel lifeless, worthless and stale as the harshness of life’s cruel winter overpowers you? Rejoice in God’s promises for you. He will give you fresh joy and new hope; He will give His beauty for your ashes. People will marvel at His transformation in you, His most precious child.

Lord, thank You for working in my life. I know that I will blossom to fulfill Your call in my life. Thank you for filling me with Your joy. Allow me to spread it to others.

God works even in the dormant, fruitless seasons of your heart. He will pour out His grace so that you will blossom afresh and spread His joy around you. Precious Father, You are faithful to Your promise to give me grace in my heart and in my life.

He is able to clean up your life and to make the soil of your heart fertile. His forgiveness and mercy will wash over you each morning like gentle rain.

God sows His seeds of divine love and goodness in you to help you to blossom and flourish as a Spirit-filled Christian. God is a loving God of mercy, grace, and forgiveness. He plants hope where there is pain, love where there is bitterness, dreams where there is brokenness. Our Lord will grow and produce fruit in you in His name and for His glory.

Review by Miriam Jacob


1 thought on “DEVOTIONS FROM THE GARDEN by Miriam Drennan”

  1. Hi Miriam – just wanted to let you know that I featured this post on the Ruby blog today ;o) Also, will be including one of your book reviews in the summer issue of the Ruby magazine. I appreciate all you do to support the ministry of Ruby! Much love and friendship, Nina @ Ruby for Women

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