“Making of a Christian Counselor” is the magnum opus by Dr. Alex Mathew, an eminent Christian counselor for nearly half a century, whose other book “Beyond Techniques” is used worldwide by Christian counselors. It is very well written in aphoristic free verses and poetic prose. Dr. Alex Mathew ignites our thought processes to light a spark of divine healing in our minds to enjoy perfect wholeness in the Lord.

A Christian counselor is a sharpened tool in God’s hands, with a heart willing to reach out to help and comfort others. Healing comes from the Healer. Comfort comes from the Comforter. The counselor helps to guide others but the counseling is accomplished by the divine Counselor. The noble principles of Abiding and Comforting free you to be yourself and to do what is right in counseling. A Christian counselor is in a one-to-one relationship with Jesus Christ. We abide in Jesus Christ Who comforts us. Abiding and comforting go hand in hand.

In your unique role as a counselor, abide in Christ’s healing love. Answer God’s call to be a blessing to others. Try to be available to help people facing problems of every kind. Dr. Alex Mathew is an illustrious mentor, always keen to lend a listening ear and help to guide the brand new counselor in the making.

As Prof. P. P. Thomas says, the main theme of this book is Love divine, without which counseling is an exercise in futility. A thorough study and fervent application of its rich wisdom and treasure trove of knowledge will help the Christian counselor grow and mature in Christ.

Miriam Jacob


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