A deep-rooted and rock-ribbed faith in Jesus Christ shaped Billy Graham’s life and sharpened his crystal-clear understanding of the Bible. In “The Reason For My Hope – Salvation”, he makes the Bible come alive to a new world.

Hope is a priceless gift that leads us out of uncertainty into the blessed assurance that Jesus is ours, a foretaste of glory divine! We are heirs of salvation, bought by God with the Blood of His precious Son, Jesus Christ. We are born of His Spirit and washed in His blood.

Hope is the bright light that pierces the darkness. Hope is the gift of bright promise, casting a ray of hope into our hearts.Hope builds our faith. Jesus Christ is our hope, our only hope. He shines the light of salvation into our lives. Hope fills our uncertain tomorrows with faith in the God of hope.

Don’t ever give up. The Giver of Hope is with you. Jesus Christ, the Gift to the world paid for our freedom with His priceless blood. His Spirit is with us today, giving salvation to all. This blessed hope is a sure and steadfast anchor of our souls. Jesus Christ is our living hope of Salvation.

Book Review by Miriam Jacob


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