Holding Fire: Short Stories of Self-Destruction


“Holding Fire: Short Stories of Self-Destruction” is a book of ten short stories by different authors with the theme of self-destruction of vengeance and hate. The introspective and creative plots provide a detailed analysis of the thoughts, fears and motives of the characters. The authors deal with numerous issues like grief, trust, forgiveness, justice and revenge. The stories have unpredictable twists and turns with unforeseeable endings.

Anger is self-destructive. Bursts of anger overpower everyone periodically from time to time. Anger bursts out explosively. Hate simmers and boils deep inside the heart and mind. Hate is a cancer that rots at the very core of our being. Simple rage laughs at its own folly. The anger of vengefulness poisons the mind, rendering it impossible to think sensibly and logically. This is a serious problem, an indescribable and questionable issue to deal with.

Scott Hughes designed the unusual theme for the creative short story contest that birthed this book. Hundreds of writers entered the contest: “The Self-Destructiveness of Vengeance and Hate”. This book is a creative compilation of their highly imaginative responses to the peculiar problem of anger and hate.



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