Publisher: Thomas Nelson, HarperCollins.

ISBN-13: 9780718022211;

Publication date: 6/9/2015

This is the historic story of a fascinating and highly unlikely friendship that invented America. George Whitefield laid its spiritual foundation while Benjamin Franklin built its social foundation. Two most famous men from different countries with different philosophies, George Whitefield and Benjamin Franklin defined in their own unique ways what it really means to be a true American.

Whoever thought that a printer and a preacher would have such an enormous impact upon America? George Whitefield led the “Great Awakening” to establish a spiritual framework for the American colonists. They were now Christian, united in faith. Benjamin Franklin forged a uniquely American personality with delightful homespun humor and matter-of-fact, hardscrabble common sense. Franklin, the one-time laborer turned entrepreneur-politician-scientist-diplomat had proved his mettle and his point.

In this stunning new world, everyone was treated as nobility, with equality for all. Success was won by all who worked for it. Inspired by this, Benjamin Franklin created an inspiring array of social structures to knit together the new American nation.

Miriam Jacob


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