ROSEBUD BLOOMING – Hurting to Healing in His Timing – by Nancy Maggio


Published by WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan, HarperCollins Publishers,  Published on 4/19/2011, ISBN: 978-1-44971-544-1

Are you lost and lonely? God heals our hurting hearts. Are you a rosebud blooming or becoming? You can bloom right where you stand. Can you hear His gentle voice whispering to you softly? How much God cares for us! We are tiny rosebuds in His Hands. We are bathed in His Light and washed in His Love.

God lives and we hear His voice. We bloom with His love. Our lives are His flowers. He tends His garden ever so gently. We live in the garden of God’s love. We are rosebuds blooming. The petals of our lives unfold daily, opening up to His beauty. We are His children. We have the wonder of His touch. We are made in His image. He allows trials in our lives for us to rely on Him to grow and blossom into beauty.

We are delicate little rosebuds of God’s intricate design. Our hurting hearts cannot unfold the petals of life. It is God who opens our rosebuds. How can we have wisdom to unfold our lives? Let us trust in Him to lead us each moment of every day, looking to Him for guidance in each step we take.   Only He knows the road that lies before us. Shall we trust Him to unfold the rose petals of our lives?

Miriam Jacob


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