NO GREATER LOVE by Kathi Macias

New Hope Publishers
ISBN: 9781596692770
Published: March 5th, 2010

In a sweeping epic with monumental implications and a crucial storyline, “No Greater Love” – Book One of the Extreme  Devotion series gives us a rare glimpse of the greatness of God’s heart in apartheid-era South Africa. Intricately woven into this intriguing and heart-wrenching tale of prejudice and racism is the eternal theme of love’s ultimate sacrifice.

 With raw, eye-opening truth and gritty, matter-of-fact realism, this fiction masterpiece confronts thorny social issues in a thought-provoking story of God’s transforming and life-changing grace.

Kathi Macias is a gifted mastermind in the art of crafting a novel by mixing the most complex characters with an extremely riveting plot and an extraordinary storyline.

A  gripping book designed to challenge our thinking and inspire our hearts to feel poignantly for others, “No Greater Love” symbolizes that there is no greater expression of God’s immeasurable love than that one lays down his life for another.

Miriam Jacob


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