9780800720445 - Copy

Publisher: Revell, Baker Publishing Group

ISBN-13: 978-0800720445

September 2015

Step into another time and place in a startling, soul-searching journey of discovery. God’s own light shines brightly in the wilderness, glimmering through the dangers, hardships and difficulties of life.

Honest and true, Sophie Menzies Ogilvy sweeps across Tall Acre with a confident and sure step. Her sense of time and place rings true as she comes to life on the page. Larger than life.

A poignant, true-to-life story that melts the heart, it dramatically begins with Seamus Michael Ogilvy chronicling his daughter’s birth on in the family Bible with a quill pen. It was not a safe birth. His wife had almost died giving birth and the doctor cautioned him against having any more children.

Seamus accepted the doctor’s verdict like a true soldier and the honorable gentleman that he always was. His beautiful baby daughter was robust with a plump, apple-red face. Seamus was so taken up with her that a catch in his throat made him speechless.

Seamus also met the midwife’s daughter, Sophie Menzies, dark and plain. She smiled at him, intently gazing on the petal-soft cheeks of the blue-eyed, black-haired baby in his arms. On hearing her names “Lily Cate”, with unmistakable pleasure, she declared the names to be lovely and memorable.

Seamus was completely smitten with his baby. Lily Cate had already won his heart. He whispered his love for her and his heartfelt sorrow at having to go to war. The wide-eyed baby stared up at him as if she understood him. Pressing his cheek to hers, he whispered his tearful words to her, not knowing when he would see her again, after the horrors and distress of war.

Miriam Jacob


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