ANGELA DUGI – Beacon for the Lord



Angela Dugi’s writing is vibrant, exhilarating and invigorating – a pure, insightful and emotionally inviting journey into the heart of Christ. Her Spirit-filled words set our hearts aflame to taste more of His comforting love and to drink deeply from His fountain of delights.

The breath of heaven blows on Angela in her anointed books, inspired by the divine unction of the Holy Spirit. The refining fire of God rests upon Angela, burning away all her dross, and purifying her for His use.

Christ breathes His life-giving words through Angela into the hearts of His people. She is an inspired pen in God’s hands, a talented writer in her own right, who puts Christ first and foremost in her life. A dignified daughter of God, Angela is uniquely gifted with His anointing to write Spirit-filled words to pierce the hearts of people with Christ’s love.

Angela feels an incessant urge, a constant upsurge to write for God’s glory. Inspired words flow effortlessly from her pen to encourage people worldwide. Angela’s writing is the crown of her life in which she reflects her love for Christ as the most powerful, precious and priceless influence that ever came into her heart.

Angela is a shining beacon of the Lord. Her light shines brightly for the world to see. Her books wing their way across the globe, going to places before her. Where her books fly, she will undoubtedly follow, either in person or in spirit. Today her impact is felt globally on a unique scale.

As Christ consecrated her with the oil of anointing, using the brush of His purity, Angela laid her gifts at His feet, to be used for His glory. When doors started to open for her to write, she began to paint rich and varied word pictures from the sensitive fabric of her life. Angela realized that this was a God-given opportunity to invite people to know Christ and to make Him known. She had been given the greatest privilege to write for Him, whom having not seen, she loved.

Angela’s books are spiritually nutritious and life-giving sustenance for people to assuage their insatiable thirst for the true meaning of life. Her books are an amazing testimony to the awesome power of God in her life. They were born out of her own spiritual exercises in faith, into which she poured the rich experiences of her walk with the Lord through paths of joy and pain. In the fresh milk of God’s Word, the rich, frothy cream rises to the surface and Angela skims it effortlessly to feed the nations with Christ’s love.

© Miriam Jacob





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