Mama’s Heart Fits Two – by Denise Carkhuff



Greenleaf Book Group Press

Oct 6, 2015

“Mama’s Heart Fits Two” by Denise Carkhuff is a children’s non-fiction, autobiographical, picture-story book that deals with unique sharing issues found only in twins. Twins who share their parents from birth often end up feeling insecure and over-sensitive. Eva and Gia, fraternal twins named after their real-life namesakes, Denise Carkhuff’s own twin daughters, constantly fight over their mother, vying with each other to get their mother’s instant attention. To their great delight and joy, Eva and Gia finally know that they are both number one in Mom’s heart. As a mother’s love is selfless, never-ending and unconditional,  Mama’s heart indeed fits two, as Eva and Gia learn to their utmost happiness and satisfaction.

Miriam Jacob




Mama's Heart Fits TwoMama’s Heart Fits Two by Denise Carkhuff

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Mama’s Heart Fits Two” by Denise Carkhuff

Miriam Jacob’s review of “Mama’s Heart Fits Two”

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