BE THE BEST MOM YOU CAN BE by Marina Slayton and Gregory W. Slayton


“Be the Best Mom You Can Be” by Marina Slayton and Gregory W. Slayton is a comprehensive guide to help you to aspire to be the best mother you can possibly be.  It teaches you how to raise whole children in a broken generation. You will benefit from the profound wisdom, frank common sense and straightforward talk of some of the most influential mothers in history. A mother’s fervent, heartfelt commitment to her own family and her deep-rooted, passionate desire for wisdom is the time-tested basis of the six inspiring principles of how to be a true mother. Here is warm, personal, spirit-filled inspiration and insightful, value-based secrets to encourage, educate, enlighten and equip women to be the best mothers they can ever be. Motherhood is a sacred role of the highest kind. It must be taken very seriously indeed. Children are a gift of God and raising them is the highest honor a mother can ever get. Discover the most practical, evangelical, life-changing perspective in your extraordinary quest on how to be a mother worthy of respect and capable of winning the affection and admiration of your children.

Miriam Jacob


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