FOR THE LOVE by Jen Hatmaker


“For The Love” by Jen Hatmaker reveals that grace is the ultimate key to deal with life’s most formidable challenge: people – both ourselves and others. Our joys, struggles and heartbreaks always relate to ourselves and the circle of people around us. Jen’s inspiring wisdom and humor reveals how to show kindness, grace and love to everyone. Life is lovely if approached from a Christian perspective and a grace-first approach. We can make Jesus’ grace a way of life, reclaim our prophetic voices and become vessels of healing to a hurting world. In this exhilarating, invigorating and liberating ride to freedom, Jen Hatmaker’s nonsense-defying faith, clear-sighted insight, and disarming honesty has charmed people worldwide.

Miriam Jacob


2 thoughts on “FOR THE LOVE by Jen Hatmaker”

  1. Hello my friend – I’m working on your very own page for reviews on the Ruby for Women blog! I’ll let you know when it is ready and then we can decide what all you want on that page. I’m excited to work together on this project! Nina

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