OUT OF DARKNESS by Stormie Omartian


Harvest House Publishers

ISBN-13: 978-0736950572

Published on: October 1, 2015


OUT OF DARKNESS is Stormie Omartian’s personal story of how she found true light and liberation. She tells hurting people that there is a way out of their pain and a brand new hope for their lives. Emotional damage does not only happen in childhood. People can still be scarred later in life and need to be brought out of darkness and into the light.

This is the story of Stormie’s struggle to overcome the emotional trauma of her childhood abuse and the bitter heartbreak caused by it. It is also the dramatic story of her miraculous restoration. No matter what pain you have endured in life, you can still come into the healing light of restoration. We must let go of the horror of the past and move on to regain a full and complete control of our lives. Let us go to God, the only true source of all restoration and wholeness.

At the final turning point in her life that initiated her liberating climb out of darkness, Stormie started at the point of utter darkness to recognize her pitiful condition and to reach out to find the help she so desperately needed. The actual facts are crucial to the story to prove that once we identify the darkness for what it is, we can walk out of it and into the light.

This book is Stormie’s Omartian’s amazing story of how she who lived in deep darkness finally found the true light. Overwhelmed by debilitating fear, she reveals the healing that finally brought her lasting freedom and perfect wholeness. In this poignant, battle-scarred drama, there is help, healing and hope for anyone who is imprisoned by deep emotional needs.

For everyone who needs healing, there is a way out of the darkness of the past into the bright, illuminated path of perfect healing and wholeness. Stormie Omartian needed restoration and she found it. She found a total transformation. If she found it, anyone can, too. May this book will bring healing, liberation, restoration and transformation to all who read it. It is a glorious story of how God can bring life out of death, light out of darkness.

Miriam Jacob


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