ANGEL IN MY ROOM by Betty Collier


Angel In My Room is a heartwarming story of hope and life. Betty Collier transforms profound moments in reality into emotionally-moving words to captivate readers. Do you have an angel in your life, a testimony that when you face tragic times, there is still something that can move you to give you new hope and inspired faith. Here is an uplifting story of love, compassion and forgiveness. It is the second book in Betty’s Living Inside the Testimony Series.

Through turbulent times of depression and torment, Lillie battles for God. She finally comes to realize God’s plan for her and how she can help others to deal with their pain. This book tugs at our heartstrings and inspires so many people through one solitary woman’s journey, her severe heartache and bitter pain, her personal sacrifice, and her ultimate devotion to God. It is such a moving story and many people can relate to Lillie’s heartache, pain and suffering to move past the agony and despair. This book will change people’s lives forever. It is for all people in all walks of life. Lillie’s passionate story will touch hearts and lives for God’s glory.


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