Whispers in the Reading Room by Shelley Gray


Nov 10 2015

“Whispers in the Reading Room” by Shelley Gray is a fast-moving, well-paced-out, action-packed thriller, full of romantic suspense, dramatic intrigue and mystery. Lydia Bancroft ‘s job as a librarian is her entire world until a mysterious dark-haired, dark-eyed patron instantly captures her heart. Lydia is both fascinated and captivated. She observes him so intently. They are kindred spirits. She cannot help herself. He intrigues her, even without speaking. He is Lydia’s favorite patron. He gazes at her directly, his intent dark-brown eyes sharply focused, missing nothing. He is a man who, in the most uncanny way, makes her feel the loss of his presence.

In the quiet peace of the library, his mind drifts back to Lydia. She makes him feel protective. He does not want to know her too well. As her rescuer, Lydia finally discovers his name, Sebastian Marks. He lives in a prestigious hotel and everyone in Chicago is intrigued by him. They have a very delicate friendship. Shocked to learn that he is the proprietor of an infamous club, one fateful night, Lydia is a suspect to a murder. Whom can she trust? Is Sebastian Marks innocent? Is he what her heart believes him to be? Lydia must find out before it is too late.

With a desperate cry, lonely, confused and hurt, a terribly frightened Lydia finds herself in his arms, feeling a warm embrace. She feels so calm and secure that she looks up in wonder. His deep voice whispers comfortingly. He holds her close, so securely and intimately. Lydia stares into his dark-blue eyes, focused directly on her. She cannot help herself. She stares at her rescuer. He pauses patiently. His hand rests in midair. She is as fragile as a bird. His presence was so powerful that she feels caught in his embrace.

“No harm will come to you,” he assures her. She instinctively believes him. She will be safe with him. She will not be hurt. Without thinking, she makes her decision. It will not be without consequences. Lydia complies instantly, surrendering herself to his aid, allowing her life to change. It is not a logical decision. It makes no sense at all. But Lydia does not care. It is her life. She will make her own decisions, guided only by her conscience, which will never err.


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