The 60 year old Wedding Chapel has had no weddings. Will there ever be one? Is it too late for true love?

Stay near to the heart beat of God, where the eternal flame of love glows forever, and where the heartbeat of true love beats eternally.

In a huge labor of love, hall-of-fame football coach Jimmy Westbrook built a wedding chapel for the love of his life, Collette Greer, in 1949. In a peculiar twist of fate, they grow apart, and 60 painful years have to pass until……

This is a poignant story of rare second chances, with love, faith and blessings, treasured away in the beating heart of an obscure chapel that holds the key to love and forgiveness.

Rediscover the heartbeat of dreams in “The Wedding Chapel” where true love, eternally young, comes alive, even after 60 years!

Matters come to a desperate head when a realtor tries to acquire the land the chapel is built on, and Jimmy sees no reason to hang onto the sad, haunted history of the Wedding Chapel.

Photographer Taylor Branson, from Heart’s Bend, Tennessee, tries to make a life for herself in New York. Falling in love with Jack Gillingham, they have a whirlwind romance and elopement. Taylor battles with severe doubts about her marriage, while Jack, who genuinely loves Taylor, does not know how to show her he really cares.

An old letter from Taylor’s deceased Grandma Peg surfaces from the rubbles of hidden family secrets to unlock the secret to Taylor’s own heart. She takes up an assignment to photograph an obscure Wedding Chapel in Heart’s Bend, Tennessee.

Taylor finds herself on a peculiar mission to convince Jimmy to save the Wedding Chapel, where she hears the heartbeat of God, beating through the heart of the Wedding Chapel, confirming what Jimmy himself had heard on countless occasions.

Taylor finds true love, forgiveness and healing, hidden in the wings of time, and waiting in the heart of the Wedding Chapel, for herself and Jack, as well as for Jimmy and Collette.

“The Wedding Chapel”, well worth every waiting moment of 60 painful years, finally witnesses two love-fulfilled weddings.

Rachel Hauck paints a glorious picture of how God requires our complete surrender, fully dependent on Him, to bless us.


© Miriam Jacob


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