Cancer is so Limited – and so is Life: by Dr. Robert L. Lynn & Dr. Alex Mathew

Cancer is so limited—                                               And so is Life.

It cannot cripple love.                                               It quenches hatred.

It cannot shatter hope.                                             It roots optimism.

It cannot corrode faith.                                             It restores trust.

It cannot eat away peace.                                         It consolidates gratitude.

It cannot destroy confidence.                                 It establishes assurance.

It cannot kill friendship.                                          It rejuvenates camaraderie.

It cannot shut out memories.                                 It rekindles relations.

It cannot silence courage.                                        It revives  convictions.

It cannot invade the soul.                                        It builds up wisdom.

It cannot reduce eternal life.                                  It leads to extravagant life.

It cannot quench the spirit.                                    It soothes the spirit.

It cannot cancel resurrection.                               It guarantees resurrection.


Cancer is so Limited – Dr. Robert L. Lynn          And so is Life – Dr. Alex Mathew


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