Dr. Alex Mathew – Profile

  • Th. D, 2008 – Thesis on Abiding principles of Christian Counseling (Jerusalem University,Chennai Campus)
  • Ph. D 1984 Christian Counseling and Hindu Philosophy; a critical look into areas of compatibility.(South Western University, Arizona, USA)
  • Dip Christian Counseling & Hospital Administration, 1971 (CCT, Dodoma)
  • M. Sc 1957 -59 (Saugar University, M. P, India.)
  • B. Sc, 1953 – 55 (Mysore University, Mysore, India)
  • Nearly forty years in Christian counseling in Asia, Africa and America.
  • 10 years of full-time teaching Botany and Plant Pathology in India.
  • 16 years of teaching Biology and doing counseling in Dodoma Africa.
  • Research in Hydro-geo-botanical investigation in Arid zones of Central Tanzania.
  • Senior Visiting Faculty of ALM-International, Colorado, USA, leading Retreats and Seminars for 30 years
  • Directorship in Educational and Charitable organizations.
  • Education Officer, Ministry of Education, Tanzania, teaching Biology and doing Student counseling, 1969 – 1985
  • Did Hydro-geo-botanical studies of the arid zones of Tanzania under the auspices of the World Bank, UNDP and the Department of Water Authority, Government of Tanzania, from 1977 to 81.
  • Group Therapist, Dodoma, Tanzania. Volunteer in honorary capacity from 1976 to 1984, under famous Australian Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Hanna Wells.
  • Learned counseling under the mentorship of the famous Swiss Christian Counselors Dr. Hans Staub and Margarith Staub from 1971 onwards.
  • Lecturer and subsequently HOD, Dept of Botany 1959-69, M.P., (Vikram University)

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