JOSIAH’S FIRE – by Tahni Cullen with Cheryl Ricker



by Tahni Cullen with Cheryl Ricker

Broadstreet Publishing Group LLC


Where is hope when there is none in the endless nightmare of autism? Joe and Tahni Cullen suddenly face this when their little son, Josiah cannot speak or play. Autism has struck!

Five years later, Josiah, who could not read or write, suddenly types on his iPad about God, heaven, science, history and music. Josiah’s heavenly visions and supernatural experiences catapulted the family into a love relationship with Jesus.

You will get a fresh glimpse of heaven and hear God’s voice through the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as you see God’s amazing love flow out through Josiah to others.

Through Josiah’s divine revelations, the mysteries of God’s kingdom are revealed in heavenly dimensions. God places His divine glory in earthen vessels. God’s grace is magnified in our weakness. The Lord displays His awesome wonders in Josiah’s life. This precious child is a pure vessel in God’s Hands anointed by the Holy Spirit.

This book inspires you with fresh hope to make you hunger for more of God. Josiah’s Fire is the true story of a little boy trapped in autism until God’s amazing gift of communication sets him free and gives him wings to fly into the hearts of people worldwide.

Although Josiah is autistic, his anointed words shine with a stunning radiance and glowing luminance that sets the world ablaze with God’s love and power. You will see God through Josiah’s eyes and ears, be inspired to draw closer to God and to hear His voice. Josiah’s writings reveal his world to us and shows us a new way of thinking. God communicates with those who have ears to hear.

This is a poignant true-to-life story of a family with their autistic son, who encounter life-giving faith, inspiring hope and a radiant vision of heaven. Josiah’s Fire is the breath of heaven released on earth, as Josiah shares amazing revelations from God’s throne of grace and mercy.

 Miriam Jacob


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