LETTERS TO LOVE – by Soraya Lane



by Soraya Lane


27 OCTOBER 2015

When Lila and her husband Gray are killed in a tragic accident, Bella, Lila’s sister becomes guardian to her two young nephews. Her bitter grief turns to unbelievable shock when she realizes that she is to co-parent her nephews with Gray’s best friend, Noah who has always driven her stark crazy. Bella is adamantly sure that the handsome, proud Navy Seal is the last person she would ever wish to share her life with. It is absolutely certain that they will never agree on anything as important as this. At this juncture, quite inexplicably, mysterious letters from Lila suddenly arrive, one after the other, in rapid succession. Letters that Lila had written before her tragic death, just in case such a dire situation ever arose. Bella and Noah reluctantly follow her instructions, and end up spending more enforced time together. It was the birth of an unexpected and most unconventional family. Will letters from the past unite them in this heartwarming story of bitter loss, inconsolable grief and family love? Read these poignant Letters to Love in this heartwarming book.

Miriam Jacob


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