THE WEDDING SHOP by Rachel Hauck



by Rachel Hauck

Harper Collins Christian Publishing

August 2016


Two women separated by decades help others to achieve their dreams when their own have crumbled to dust, leaving only fragments of dreams. In the early 1930s, Cora Scott inherited her great aunt’s wedding shop for bridal treatment but Cora herself waits for her own true love to return to make her his bride. Long and wearisome days turn into miserable months and endless years. Eighty years later, Haley Morgan returns home to uncover the truth about the man she loved as she searches for the true meaning of her life. When Haley reopens the romantic wedding shop, she begins a journey of courage, mystery, and love. As Cora’s and Haley’s stories intertwine through time, they discover the power of their dreams and the mystical aura  of love.


The Wedding Shop is a tender, nostalgic story of starry-eyed lovers, connected from the past to the present, full of heart, heartache and redemption. The shop’s stillness fills Haley with an aura like a sixth sense, reminding her of something she could feel but not see. This is a place like home, wedged between time and space, an exciting but scary notion. The Wedding Shop is the height of high class, fashion and design. Haley respects the bridal shop and all it stands for. The shop’s brides, Miss Cora and all the good she did fills Haley’s mind. This place commands the utmost respect, with its grand staircase and carved banister, reminding Haley of a palace. Miss Cora’s photograph, with a haunting look in her sad eyes, reflected a poignant longing. Best friends were forever. Promises could never be broken. Cora’s life was an open book. One that could be read well. Although she ran a wedding shop, the thirty-year-old wedding shop owner had never been a bride. She followed her heart, never dreaming it led to a dead end. She fought old feelings of being left behind. But he’d promised. And she would follow her heart, believing and waiting, come what may. Wasn’t love the truest song of all?


It was a morning like any other. The sun’s brightness drifts through the trees, stirring a sense of hope and a vibrant anticipation. Let today be the day that he comes. In The Wedding Shop, the white, satiny dresses were perfect, their skirts shimmering with purity and beauty. Cora could not quell the stirring in her heart, taut anticipation turning to burning restlessness. Rufus was a man of his word. Cora was waiting for him. The first time she saw him, he boldly walked into the shop to personally deliver a shipment. His blue eyes locked on her and never let go. She yielded unhesitatingly to their beckoning, throwing all decorum to the winds. Cora’s heart raced with love. Rufus had returned. He had kept his word.


Haley struggled to find her sense of right and wrong. In the depths of her faith and hope, she heard God speak. A strange echo. His gentle voice was a soft rain over the dry terrain of her heart. “Go home.” It was easier to yield to His whisper. His voice came with the love her hungry heart desperately needed. She wanted to find the pieces of herself she’d lost, to so-called love. Haley wanted to do something she loved. She wanted to resurrect the wedding shop. Haley stared at her New Year’s resolution, the words coming alive, whispering that this was what she came home to do.

Compiled by Miriam Jacob


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