by Rachel Hauck


18 October 2016

Rachel Hauck’s engaging novels about love, forgiveness, and new beginnings out of the ashes of despair unite the storylines of several generations of families. Here is well-done historical fiction at its best. Raw, hidden emotions are carefully concealed in well crafted and gorgeously rendered stories, so incredibly realistic that they resonate with readers, striking a rich, poignant chord in the heart. It is breathtaking to see the heartbeat of God pulsating throughout her novels, as she explores the trauma and love of the human heart, revealed in inspiring romances about uplifting, emotionally rewarding modern-day tales of the power of true love. Engaging characters spring to life as enchanting stories come alive with bold flavor and tender insight. Contemporary romances are interwoven with history and a strong spiritual thread with a divine touch. Rachel Hauck skillfully weaves real life truths into modern and engaging tales with well-developed characters, entertaining with a quirky touch. Rachel Hauck’s portrayal of the Holy Spirit is brilliantly executed as she writes with a dramatic flair that underscores themes of God who equips those He calls to fulfill a divine purpose. It is a spiritual awakening with an incredible purity.Here is an excellent blend of uplifting tales with a mystical twist and a touch of real life mystery. It is interesting to see that love does not come easy but it settles down happily ever after.

(Compiled by Miriam Jacob)


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