I am
– a creation of God
– created for God’s glory
– God’s own image
But I was
– gone astray
– a sinner
– unworthy
Until God
– bought me
– by blood of Christ
– forgave my sins
And now I’m
– purchase of God
– redeemed of sins
– heir of salvation
– child of God
– bride of Christ
– temple of Holy Spirit
I’m assured :
– assured of salvation
– sealed with Holy Spirit
– of His coming
But I’m dead
– dead to sin
– dead to world
– dead to flesh
I’m alive
– alive in christ
– alive to righteousness
I am chosen :
– chosen in Christ
– perfected in Christ
I’m called
– called to be saint
– to bear witness
So I’m a
– servant to God
– witness of God
– steward of Christ
And :
– A holy creed
– royal priesthood
– God’s own people
I’m growing :
– In Grace of God
– In knowledge of Christ
– to the Christ likeness
I’m Being :
– Sanctified by God
– prepared for His coming
– preserved for eternity
By being :
– led by the Holy Spirit
– Transformed by Word of God
I’ll Love Him:
– with all my heart
– all my strength
– and all my life
For I’m A:
– Debtor to His Love.


© Sumesh K.N.


1 thought on “CHILD OF GOD”

  1. Wow! This is so beautifully written! And ab encouragement to me today dearest Miriam.

    Love you so much, Angie Psalm 73:26

    Sent from my iPhone


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