“A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare” by Quin Sherrer & Ruthanne Garlock

“A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare” by Quin Sherrer & Ruthanne Garlock is an important practical handbook that helps us to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of Spiritual Warfare, based on the Bible. It addresses crucial questions asked by everyone who needs to be delivered from attacks of the enemy. We all must know what Spiritual Warfare is, who the enemy is who started this evil war, and what weapons we are to use to fight it. How can we distinguish between the voice of God and the enemy’s voice? Quin and Ruthanne help us to gain precious insight, confidence and understanding to fight our own spiritual battles with courage. We are also equipped to encourage and strengthen others under attack, who are desperately trying to ward off the evil onslaughts of the enemy. Jesus Christ ensured our victory over sin and satan on the Cross. Here is new and vital Scriptural ammunition for your prayer arsenal, battle arms and weaponry to equip you to fight as a Christian soldier against the enemy of our souls. We must be trained to use Scripture as a powerful weapon to fight the devil. There are seven keys to win victory in spiritual battles against the enemy. God goes ahead of us to lead us to victory. We obey the Lord, trusting in His strategies to win the war. We do not focus on the enemy’s strength. We are not deterred by any lack of spiritual vision. We have perfect confidence in God’s Word. We must not compromise with the enemy. We give praise and glory to God for the victory. Success is assured when we follow God’s instructions. We get the deliverance and God gets the glory!


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