The Prophetess – Deborah’s Story – by Jill Eileen Smith


Bold, outspoken and fearless as Israel’s most powerful woman, Deborah has faith in God but cannot see the hidden potential in her own life. As an Israelite woman, the mundane tasks of life seem to be more than sufficient to occupy her time and energy. But God has a unique plan for Deborah. He calls her to deliver her people from the oppression and constant terror of Canaan’s armies for twenty years. Will her family understand and her people believe in God’s calling upon her life? Jill Eileen Smith’s impeccable research and imaginative storytelling brings to life the mystical figure of Deborah in an intriguing and inspiring novel, giving vivid voice to the woman at the center of Israel’s victory over Canaan. This is a tale of indomitable courage, determination, fearless strength and passionate faith that bears the utmost significance and relevance for all ages.


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