1,001 PROMISES OF GOD – compiled by Linda Hang – Barbour Publishing



© 2017 by Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Compiled by Linda Hang. Print ISBN 978-1-68322-168-5

Imprint: Barbour Books, an imprint of Barbour Publishing.

1,001 Promises of God gives us God’s strength when we are overburdened with the disappointments of life, and our heavy hearts give up all hope for a promising and fulfilling future. These 1,001 uplifting promises for God’s children are specially selected verses from the Holy Bible. which has an answer for every problem we face. Here are 1,001 of Scriptures’ most inspiring, encouraging and uplifting promises in the Bible. It is the most perfect pick-me-up to start our days with joy. Christ’s love will fill our heart to overflowing and it will spill out to others. This inspiring devotional will strike a deep chord in our hearts, and we will know the liberating power of God’s truth to set us free to love and serve Him all our days. These 1,001 Promises for God’s children will give us hope in a hopeless world and help us to cling to God on the most difficult of all days. We will find God’s most uplifting guarantees included in these inspiring 1,001 Promises of God. Here are the most powerful promises from our Creator, to refresh our spirits and give us a renewed sense of Christ’s love, joy and peace.

Miriam Jacob


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