Choose Hope: 3-Minute Devotions for Women

Compiled by Barbour Staff, Barbour Publishing, Inc.

ISBN 9781683221746. PRICE $4.99

In today’s busy world, all it takes is three minutes to read and be inspired. “Choose Hope: 3-Minute Devotions for Women” is the perfect pick-me-up for today’s busy twenty-first century woman. This delightful devotional gives us comfort, encouragement inspiration and hope, all compactly packed into just-the-right-size readings. In all of three minutes, meditate on scripture in the first minute; read a short devotional reading in the second minute; say a prayer to start talking to God in the third minute. It is a unique, heartfelt devotional book to be inspired to get closer to God. We are here in this world only because of God, here on earth to worship God, and we can still do it even if we only have three minutes to do so. Let us keep our blessed connection with our Lord alive every day. God’s blazing light shines into our hearts after we read each devotion, giving us strength to face each new day. We will be grateful for all God’s gifts. This a wonderful devotional to give us hope and joy in life. When our hope is in God, we will be steadfast, our feet firmly planted on the Rock of Ages, to give us a safe and secure future. It is extremely reassuring to know that the answers to our prayers depend only on God, who rushes to help us the moment we ask Him, for any reason that we might need Him for. Soak yourself deep into the words of this life-giving devotional, to give you hope and encouragement. It is the most perfect gift for anyone who needs hope and joy in their lives.

Miriam Jacob


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