Sylvia Faye Liani
May 23, 1939 ~ August 3, 2016

5 April 2016 ·

It may be dark outside but the Son is still shining in my heart. Dynamic devotion to God demands total loyalty. The winds of trouble may blow strong and debilitating. But God is greater than all our troubles. We are to pursue Him with every fiber of our being. We are to seek and depend on God’s presence. As we apply His holy word to all that we do or think. We must never neglect the truth of His declarations. We are to practice that which we proclaim in His name.

28 February 2016 ·

God wants to release His wisdom and power through those who will submit to His will. He will not force us to do anything. He has given us the freedom to choose Him or forsake Him and suffer the consequences.

Jesus is the captain of His armed forces. It is He who has armed us for the battles He knows we will face in this life. He has not left us helpless and hopeless. But He leaves it up to us as to wither we chose Him and His Almightiness.

We are to rely on God’s wisdom and strength not on the weakness of our flesh. Knowing that the Spirit of God is in us and for us will open the door for His promised victory to fill our lives.

Want a rich inheritance from God. This can only be accomplished by knowing and applying His word. Merely knowing Gods word will not bring this about. It is actively applying it to every aspect of our life that we will reap the rewards that He promises. He will reward us when we follow His word. When our ways please Him Holy Spirit will lead us to the victory He promises.

23 February 2016 ·

God honors those who honor Him. We must keep this in mind if we wish to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ our redeemer savior. God never fails to make certain that His word will be fulfilled. Keep your faith in Gods infallible truth. We must receive our counsel from God in the name of Jesus to obtain the victory that He promises.

22 February 2016 ·

God has asked nothing of us that He has not supplied the means for us to do it with. God’s law is fulfilled in us by the same Holy Spirit that dwelled in and filled the life of Jesus as He walked this earth. Therefore, we are expected to depend on and live with the same kind of faith that Jesus had as He fulfilled His mission here on earth. When we live by the Holy Spirit, this is what God ask of us. And empowers us to do.

We Must embrace the truth of God’s word. And dedicate ourselves to doing the will of our Heavenly Father. Jesus fulfilled His mission to save us. It is now left up to us to follow where He leads us. We are free to be who God created us to be. The choice is ours to make. To live and love as Jesus did is the road we are called to take. It is in God’s word that we find the key to living life as God intends us to do.

22 February 2016 ·

Every day is a struggle but I am back again. I am so blessed by your prayers. God is good all the time. May heavens best fill all of your days.


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