Love’s Beginning – by Naomi Rawlings


Digital Book – 21 pages,

Publisher: Cedar Lake Press

Publication Date: September 28, 2015.

Amazon Digital Services LLC,

ASIN: B013PYQS3K. Price: $0.99


Read about the day Elijah first falls in love with Victoria in the Eagle Harbor short story, Love’s Beginning, a 21 page short story and extension of Love’s Every Whisper, which is Elijah and Victoria’s full length novel.

LOVE’S BEGINNING – by Naomi Rawlings

Love’s Beginning: Historical Christian Short Story (Eagle Harbor) Kindle Edition



In Love’s Beginning, Naomi Rawlings heralds the entry of two lovely little girls into the story. Rebekah enters in a swirling “flurry of white pinafore, dark blue dress, and brown hair”, while Victoria is “all prettily dressed up in white lace and pink ruffles, with cheeks turning pink, the prettiest thing, with flounces and miles of creamy lace.” This is where Love begins and has its start in Elijah’s heart. Victoria’s kindness in sharing her food and her delicate stammer make her appear all the more winsome in Eijah’s eyes. “Love’s Every Whisper” is first heard here, softly and silently, in “Love’s Beginning”, in the tender hearts of Elijah and Victoria. The look of love is sweet, as Elijah poignantly discovers at the very moment he falls in love with Victoria Donnelly. This is where it all starts – in a flurry of childhood love – in the age of innocence. You will hear “Love’s Every Whisper” ring out in “Love’s Beginning”.

Miriam Jacob

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