Serenity Prayers for a Woman’s Soul – by Emily Biggers


Pages: 208, Imprint: Barbour Books, Publisher: Barbour Publishing Inc.
ISBN 9781683221456. Price: $14.99

Serenity Prayers for a Woman’s Soul by Emily Biggers will inspires you to achieve serenity in every aspect of your daily lives through a personal, intimate relationship with God. It will gently guide you into an honest conversation with your heavenly Father. The prayer starters and scripture selections will encourage you to reflect on God’s Word in quietness and confidence. You will enter into His presence in peace. Discover comfort, healing, and calm in Serenity Prayers for a Woman’s Soul, a beautiful collection of inspiring, refreshing prayers for women. This book will truly bless the hearts of all women who seek a closer walk with God, with Scripture to help us through trying times. We must give God His rightful place in our lives. His place should be first. The devotionals speak to our hearts in every area of our lives. This comforting, inspiring gem of a book will impact you most profoundly. It will transform you and your situation. It is like manna from heaven to give you spiritual food. This little devotional book encourages women to find peace and serenity in identity and relationships. This awesome collection of prayers for every need and for all occasions reminds us afresh that God is in always in perfect control of our lives.

Miriam Jacob


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