Because You’re Mine – by Colleen Coble


Publisher: Thomas Nelson,
Pub Date 10 Jan 2017.
ISBN: 9780718083809
PRICE: $12.99

Right from the outset, the happiness of Alanna Connolly, a beautiful red-haired Irish singer, is ruined by brutal tragedy, when her Irish husband, Liam is unexpectedly killed by a horrific car bomb. A stunned Alanna does not know whom to turn to for support in her bitter grief. Oblivious to her deep sorrow, her hard-hearted father-in-law, Thomas threatens to take custody of the baby she carries, but Alanna is determined to cling onto the last legacy of Liam she has left in this world. Liam loved God and they used to pray together. Alanna clung to her precious memories as she struggled desperately to come to terms with her devastating heartache, unmitigable sorrow and agonizing pain.

When their manager, Barry offers her a marriage of convenience for two reasons, to gain her U.S. citizenship, and to escape from her father-in-law’s clutches, Alanna accepts his unusual proposal. It seems like the perfect solution to her problems but it is actually only a short reprieve. Alanna’s doubts surface when she arrives at Barry’s family home.

As if Alanna’s already existing troubles were not enough, Liam’s best friend, Jesse survived the car bomb. When he takes Liam’s place in their band, it is almost more than Alanna can bear. She never really liked Jesse and now she cannot seem to get away from him. This is when dramatic events start happening, one after the other in rapid succession. that could well cost Alanna her life – or the life of her unborn child. How can she find a way out of her troubles? Read the book to solve the mystery. This is a romance with a divine touch, a suspenseful tale of love lost and found.

In a psychological fiction novel as pure escapism from reality, Colleen Coble certainly knows how to get the reader’s rapt attention. The title “Because You Are Mine” seems to give the reason for the book’s dramatic events as they unfold one after the other. This is a book worth reading by a gifted and talented author, who skillfully crafts a multifaceted plot with intricate tangles, twists and turns, filled with characters revealing the stark difference between paranoid obsession and sacrificial love.

Miriam Jacob

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