40 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS – Joseph Castleberry


Broadstreet Publishing Group LLC,

ISBN: 9781424557578, Price: $14.99

Let us celebrate the true spirit of Christmas with “40 Days of Christmas” by Joseph Castleberry. The pressures of the Christmas season often bear down upon us incessantly, with the urgent need to find perfect Christmas cards, perfect Christmas gifts, host perfect Christmas parties or create the perfect Christmas ambience in the home. It is so overwhelming and easily distracts us from the real significance of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. With Bible verses, inspiring daily devotions and enriching, uplifting prayers, this book is specially designed “to prepare your heart during Advent, rejoice in His birth at Christmas, and reveal the light of Christ on Epiphany.” May the true wealth of richness of God’s divine presence fill your lives as you celebrate the glory of the Savior’s supernatural birth. The true spirit of Christmas flows from God’s Holy Spirit and will fill your hearts with His love, joy and peace.

Miriam Jacob

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