The Story of Ruth – Joanna Weaver

“There had been a famine in Bethlehem, which ironically means “house of bread.” With no bread in the house of bread, a man named Elimelek packed up his wife and sons and moved to Moab. But after tragedy struck the man and sons, leaving his wife Naomi and two daughter-in-laws alone, Naomi determined to go back to Bethlehem for the famine was over.

“Bread” had returned to “the house of bread.”

Her daughter-in-law insisted on following her grieving mother-in-law back to Bethlehem. When they arrived, she offered to go out to the fields to try to find scattered grain left by the workers. God led her to a field owned by a man named Boaz – a type of Christ, the pastor shared.

But then he went on to say something that hit my heart so hard…

“Ruth went out to the field expecting leftovers, but instead she left with her arms full.”

Leftovers. He repeated the phrase several times, and I started crying. I hadn’t realized that I’d been struggling with that very thought. That the best might be behind me. That in some arenas of my life, all I could hope for was scavenged grain and leftovers from someone else’s abundance.

As the pastor continued speaking, the Lord began to whisper to my heart, “Will you let me fill your arms, Joanna? You are not a slave girl, you are my Bride. All that is mine is yours.”

The same is true of you, my friend. You were not made for leftovers. Jesus wants to fill your arms today.

But in the process,I believe He wants to open our eyes – and our hearts – to what we already have. God’s been showing me how full my arms really are – figuratively and literally! There is so much sweetness spilling over, I almost can’t contain it. What a beautiful picture of all the good, good things God has lavished on all of us.

I want to encourage you to look for all the ways God has blessed you….

Rather than fixating on what is missing…

Don’t let the DISAPPOINTMENT of WHAT ISN’T swallow the JOY of WHAT IS.

Let’s count our blessings. Let’s live from the abundance God offers, not the poverty we scrounge up for ourselves. For we belong to the King of Kings. And He takes care of His own.”

Joanna Weaver

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