Publisher: Revell (September 4, 2018)

ISBN: 9780800722715
PRICE: $16.99

“A Christmas by the Sea” by Melody Carlson is set in the quiet town of Seaside, Maine. Having just lost her husband to cancer, Wendy Harper and her son, Jackson, drive along the coast to the beach house she inherited from her grandfather. While she wants to sell the house, Jackson wants them to stay there permanently. Constantly torn between buoyant hope and nerve-wracking doubt, Wendy is unsure if selling the beach house is the solution to her myriad problems. Caleb Colton makes Wendy see the plethora of possibilities if they stayed in Seaside. Jackson encourages his mother to trust God for their needs and stay in Seaside. Melody Carlson explores the beauty of second chances through life in a small beach house with a budding romance and a renewed faith in God. The characters are perfectly ordinary, likeable and relatable people, set in a blooming love story, woven through subtle family history and seaside escapades. Quick, uplifting, warmhearted and lighthearted at the same time, I highly recommend “A Christmas by the Sea.” This clean, Christian romance is very well-written, with descriptive writing, beautiful imagery and excellent character delineation. The story is full of hope and joy in the true spirit of Christmas.

Miriam Jacob

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