THIRSTY FOR MORE – Allison Allen

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Thirsty for More
Discovering God’s Unexpected Blessings in a Desert Season
by Allison Allen

Revell, Pub Date: 04 Sep 2018
ISBN 9780800728205
PRICE $14.99

“Thirsty for More” by Allison Allen helps us to discover God’s unexpected blessings in the dry, desert season of the soul. A period of “dry seasons” makes us feel alienated from God our heavenly Father, our Creator and Blessed Redeemer. Lush, verdant valleys beckon us, not dry, trackless deserts. During the first three centuries of the Christian Church, people seeking God deliberately moved into deserts to pray and meditate on the greatness of God. They understood that the desert is not a wilderness but a place where we can truly taste God’s intimacy. Allison Allen offers a fresh perspective for all who believe that God is present in their dry seasons. In the difficult periods of trials and struggles, God reveals Himself to us, to experience His abundant blessings in an intimate way. “Thirsty for More” is a very inspiring, refreshing and rejuvenating message of hope. I highly recommend it to all people who thirst for God and seek to experience His presence in their lives.

Miriam Jacob

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