TRUE YOU – Michelle Derusha

“True You” by Michelle Derusha helps you to “let go of your false self to uncover the Person God created.” God is after truth from the inside out. “Enter me, Lord, to conceive a new, true life” – (Psalm 51:6). We need to discard our false identities like a tree discards its dead leaves and like how the gardener prunes away unwanted branches to capture the enchanting beauty and gracefulness of the tree.

Pruning in gardening and in real life is a skill that requires discipline and insight. Pruning, the art of cutting back to open up, is absolutely essential for our souls to uncover who we really are at the core of our God-created selves and personalities. Pruning uncovers us to our bare essentials to reveal our truest, most authentic selves.

God wants us to live as the beautiful, unique people He created us to be. He does not want us to hide behind false identities. God wants us to know Him and be aware of His deep, abiding love for us. He wishes us to root our whole selves in Him. God longs for us to live in the freedom of Christ and to know our true, unique selves in intimacy with Him. Let us allow God to prune us from the inside out. He is the Master Gardener of our souls. May we relinquish and surrender our hearts and minds to God to allow Him to do His healing in us.

I highly recommend this book to start God’s divine pruning in you, to uncover and reveal the “True You” as God created you to be. As this book was born out of Michelle’s own experience, it is time-tested and true to life. I have experienced the pruning process in my own life and I bear faithful testimony to this. May God help you to discover the “True You” in yourself. 

Miriam Jacob

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