9780801075148 (1)

Mrs. Oswald Chambers
The Woman behind the World’s Bestselling Devotional
by Michelle Ule

Baker Books, Pub Date: 17 Oct 2017
ISBN: 9780801075148
Price: $15.99

“Mrs. Oswald Chambers” is the woman behind the world’s bestselling devotional book, “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers. This very well-written and impeccably researched biography of his wife was published to commemorate the 100th death anniversary of Oswald Chambers in October 1917. It is one of the highest ranking Christian devotional books ever, with over thirteen million copies sold.

Oswald Chamber’s most famous work was compiled, edited and published ten years after his death by his wife, Biddy. Her true life story of living her utmost for God’s highest is unparalleled in the history of the Christian world. Michelle Ule skillfully brings Biddy’s story to life , from Victorian England to a World War I YMCA camp in Egypt.

Biddy returned to post-war Britain as a destitute widow with a toddler in tow. A woman of the highest principles, Biddy refused personal payment from publishers for the thirty books she published in her husband’s name. She lived on for forty-nine years after her husband’s death.

This is the deeply engaging life-and-love story of an awesome, remarkably courageous and devoted woman, well ahead of her time, dearly loved and deeply admired by all who brave incredible odds to carve a beautiful life out of almost nothing, in the service of God’s kingdom.

“My Utmost for His Highest” owes everything to the editorial skills and passionate dedication of Biddy Chambers. Her selfless willingness to use her talents for God’s glory and her steadfast faithfulness amidst heart-breaking sorrow and unending grief makes her contribution to the world even more unique.

Oswald Chambers was a British Chaplain in World War I, stationed in Egypt. After his early death at the age of forty-three, Biddy felt God’s call to transcribe her entire collection of shorthand notes of his sermons into books, articles and pamphlets, in Oswald Chamber’s name. What Oswald could not do in his lifetime, Biddy did for him, devoting her entire life to the cause for which he lived, labored and died for.

An amazing couple, Oswald and Biddy Chambers exemplified a deeply committed and dedicated life lived for Christ, which had such a profoundly powerful impact upon people. Over a hundred years after Oswald Chambers died, the best way to get to know one of the greatest names in the spread of the gospel during the late nineteenth century and at the turn of the twentieth century is through this awesome biography of “Mrs. Oswald Chambers” by Michelle Ule.

Miriam Jacob

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