B&H Publishing Group.

ISBN: 9781535914154

Price: $19.99

“Suffering Is Never For Nothing” by Elisabeth Elliot teaches us that suffering always has a loving purpose. When trials and troubles come our way, we know the One who knows why. Suffering is a mystery that we cannot plumb. Through the deepest sufferings come the deepest lessons. We trust the One who knows to lead us through the dark into the light.

Suffering and love are inexplicably and inextricably linked. God’s love for us sent His Son, Jesus to die for our sins on the cross to give us eternal life. Jesus carried our sins, griefs and sufferings on the cross. We don’t have to carry the heavy burdens ourselves. Some burdens are so heavy that we will sink under its weight. That’s why Jesus carried our burdens for us. Christ died for our sins and won victory for us. We can bear suffering because we trust God to bring amazing good out of it. “Suffering Is Never For Nothing.”

Miriam Jacob

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