Publisher: Cedar Lake Press (February 25, 2019)
Publication Date: February 25, 2019.
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC.

“Tomorrow’s First Light” by Naomi Rawlings is the first book in the Texas Promise Series. It is a heartwarming tale, brimming with hope and bright new beginnings. A mail-order bride, Ellie Spritzer marries Sam Owens, just to keep her eight siblings out of an orphanage. Ellie’s lifelong quest for love takes her, with all her siblings in tow, to Twin Rivers, Texas, where Sam Owen resides. An orphan, Sam never had a home or family to love. When Ellie and all her siblings appear on his doorstep, in dire need of his heart and home, Sam just cannot turn them away. Yet, as a new start-up rancher, he does not have the resources to care for such a large family. When evil threatens all that Sam and Ellie hold dearest to their hearts, they struggle to keep their precious, fledgling family together under one roof. When Ellie comes to terms with her questioning faith, and learns to trust God no matter what happens, the Almighty Father intervenes to vanquish evil and save all that Sam and Ellie cherish most. “Tomorrow’s First Light” highlights the great importance of having deep, interpersonal relationships that we can rely on in times of trials. Naomi Rawlings makes her characters speak from the heart and her books appeal to the hearts of readers worldwide. I highly recommend the Texas Promise Series. Excellent reading!

Miriam Jacob


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