You’ll Be Fine, Beautiful. You’ve Got God – Stacy L. Sanchez

Publisher: Stacy L. Sanchez
Date of Publication: February 27, 2019
ISBN-13: 978-1732632721
Price: $16.80

The breath of heaven blows refreshingly through the anointed, inspiring words of Stacy L. Sanchez in her book, “You’ll Be Fine, Beautiful. You’ve Got God.” It is written in the divine unction of the Holy Spirit. The fire of God rests upon every page of this awesome book, breathing its life-giving words into the hearts of its readers.

Stacy L. Sanchez is an inspired pen in the hands of her Creator, a royal and dignified daughter of God. Stacy lives to reflect Christ’s glory, like a multi-faceted diamond reflects sparkling rays of light.

When faced with grief, Stacy bowed quietly before the Lord and laid her life as a humble offering at His feet. God touched her heart His purity and she sparked into life as a vivid flame to write for His glory.

Stacy’s books were born out of her own heart’s travail as she struggled to come to terms with unbearable grief after the death of her precious husband. She pours into her books the spiritual experiences of her faith walk with God. Stacy experienced God in amazing ways right in the midst of raw grief.

This book is her amazing testimony to the glorious power of God in her life. It will bless the hearts of all who read it. Every word in the book is so inspiring that it arrested my attention in a way that no other book ever did. I highly recommend it to readers worldwide.

© Miriam Jacob

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