“IF ONLY I COULD” – Stacy L. Sanchez

Publisher: Stacy L. Sanchez

Date of Publication: August 10, 2018)

ISBN-13: 978-1732632707

IF ONLY I COULD” by Stacy L. Sanchez is her agonizing heart’s cry in the painful, loss-filled aftermath of her husband’s sudden death. Griefstricken, Stacy has to learn how to live life on its altered scale, battling incredible loss, overwhelming sorrow, never-ending heartache and raw pain.
Intimate and painfully honest, “IF ONLY I COULD” is a poignant, personal journey through grief.
Stacy writes so movingly about finding hope in the midst of devastating loss. She speaks straight from the heart, and her life-giving words bring healing and hope to people.
This book takes us on a true spiritual journey of the heart. The author instinctively understands the hurt of the human heart, when confronted with agonizing pain, that refuses to go away. Stacy delves deeper into the things of God to find comfort and solace. Faced with utter loss, Stacy learns to rely upon Christ to heal her heart and give her His joy. This eye-opening book is a dramatic portrayal of the devastating journey through heartrending grief, a poignant love story and a source of immense comfort and inspiration to all those who have lost loved ones. As Stacy shares her life’s experiences, her openness touches our hearts as we identify with her feelings of loss. Stacy instinctively knows how to speak to the heart. She is a gifted writer who honestly shares God’s anointed wisdom through the loss, grief and pain of her own life. Both a blessing and an inspiration, Stacy L. Sanchez has a pure, honest, faithful and sincere heart that helps to heal aching hearts and fill them with God’s joy.

This book is an undying testament to the selfless love of Steve Sanchez, as Stacy knew him. It will serve to keep Steve’s evergreen memory alive. I thank God for the awesome way in which God brought Stacy triumphantly through the dark, distressing journey of grief into the brilliant sunshine of a joy-filled life, lived for God’s glory.

© Miriam Jacob

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