I HEAR CHRISTMAS – Tattie Maggard

“I Hear Christmas’ by Tattie Maggard is the first book in the Swiss Amish Christmas Series. The two main characters, Joy and Lucado opt to help out to teach Christmas songs to children in the Christmas program at the old Amish schoolhouse. As Lucas and Joy sing perfectly well together, the Christmas program is all set to be the best one ever. It brings tears to the eyes of the school teacher, Emily. As their voices blended together in perfect harmony, it gave Joy the extraordinary feeling of being a part of something much greater.

Lucas had a learning disability in school that made him rather slow-witted at times. However, Joy found him incredibly interesting as he sang so beautifully in a rich, clear voice. Lucas put real feeling into the songs he sang with gusto. He had an extraordinary ear for music and taught Joy to sing Christmas songs to reflect the true meaning of Christmas, with Christ’s spirit reconciling us to God and connecting us with heaven.

As Joy sang, Lucas felt a soulful connection with her. He was frank, honest and straightforward, but so extremely vulnerable. Joy knew that he had social limitations and feelings of his own to be protected. At the same time, Lucas was full of surprises, with childlike innocence radiating from his calm and serene face.

Music transformed Lucas to life, making him forget his disabilities and limitations. Yet, when the music stopped, he became distant and withdrawn. Music played a big part in Lucas’ life. It made him come alive. To deny it was to deny his very existence.

Lucas had an uncanny ability to see the deeper meaning in things. He was over-sensitive and felt emotions deeply. Soon, Joy and Lucas realized that both their hearts beat as one, “in a soulful exchange of hearts.”

I really like the sensitive way in which Tattie Maggard portrays the developing relationship between Lucas and Joy. I highly recommend this delightfully clean romance to all who wish to ‘hear’ the true meaning of Christmas in their hearts.

Miriam Jacob

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